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What's your Boudoir Style?

8 Styling ideas for an awesome shoot

When most women start thinking about booking a boudoir shoot, they usually think it's just about looking sexy in lingerie.

While that's partly true, there is sooo much more to think about when planning the way you want to look.

Here are 8 styles that can create completely different looks.

Choose Wisely : )

#1 Classic Sexy

this look is usually the first one to come to mind for most. this is a classic look, usually with lacy lingerie, bra & panty set with a garter belt and stockings. Pair this look with sultry smokey eyes and tousled hair.

#2 Glam

I would describe this look as being "Extra" . take the classic sexy look and add some sparkle to it. maybe with a jeweled bodysuit, or add some sparkly necklaces & earrings, even a crown if you're feeling fancy. some pearls, fur, are also popular.

Pair this with with big curls, winged eyeliner and big lashes! lips could be from a nude to a fun hot pink, or red.

#3 edgy

This look has lots more attitude! Deeper shades in makeup and wardrobe are a must. if you're bold enough you can even rock a black lip. fishnets, thigh high boots, leather jackets and some spikes are always a great way to accessorize . A very popular trend, is strappy bondage lingerie .

#4 Pinup

this is a great option if you want something glam but a little more playful. this vintage inspired style is a lot more posed, emphasizing on a woman's curves. hair is usually pin curled with makeup focusing on a wing liner and red lip.

#5 Boho

Depending on how boho you want to go, the look can be very soft, feminine, maybe with a flower crown , soft dusty colors and usually barefoot. Or you can go in the direction of a more festival vibe .like coachella . neon colors, sparkles, or some fringe and a floppy hat make this look. make up tends to be more natural and glowy.

#6 The girl next door

the way i describe this look is "what we think we look like when we're at home". this look is ver comfy cozy. think t-shirt and undies with a ponytail, white button down blouse with natural makeup, tousled hair and barefoot.

#7 Minimal

similar to ''the girl next door'' this look is pretty natural. a very "clean" look. we might take all the fluffy pillows off the bed to make it look less cluttered. the focus is on you. any type of lingerie can work here.

it's all up to you.

#8 Bare

While being nude is never required, For this look it is .

although all your lady bits will be covered, as it is implied nudity . Usually in a bed rolled up in bed sheets. There's something about this style that really shows vulnerability. It's quite beautiful

if you're not sure were to start, you can schedule a complementary phone consultation with us at Azeylia boudoir , and we'll help you pick out your perfect look/looks.


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