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My Top 3 Posing Tips

To Make You Look Amazing In Your Photos

Have you ever just wanted to feel beautiful when taking pictures, and not worry about how they’ll turn out? My entire jobs as boudoir photographer, is to understand a woman's curves. What's flattering and what's not. Below are a few tips & tricks I use when posing my clients.


One of the main things I look for when posing my client is “the triangle”. Try creating narrowing points, usually close to the joints of the body. All great flattering poses have multiple triangles.

Closer = Bigger

A good rule of thumb to remember, is that whatever is closest to the camera will appear larger. Even if the distance is just a tiny bit, it really can make a big difference. If you don’t like your arms, then they shouldn’t be front and center, and the closest to the camera. Tuck your elbows behind your waist (like the image above) & your arms just got smaller! Self-conscious about your tummy? Push your booty back and lean a bit forward, this takes the attention off your stomach.

Chin Out

The dreaded double chin. We all have one, and most wish it wasn’t there. The next time you take a picture, push your chin forward (not the neck) and slightly down. You might feel a little ridiculous, but that’s ok! From the camera's perspective, it looks completely normal.

Make sure to practice in the mirror!

Hope you enjoy those tips!!

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